The Lightweight Weapon Station (LWS) fitted to the vehicle provides 360 degrees rotation, subject to the positioning of aerials and other exterior fittings, using a simple mechanical gearbox. The weapon station is designed to be operated by one man. Where rapid traverse is required, the fine traverse provided by the gearbox can be disengaged allowing the operator to quickly swing the weapon station onto the target area. Re-engaging the gearbox allows fine and precise adjustment of the weapon onto the target. A simple mechanical brake is fitted to the RH side of the weapon station, which can be used to lock the traverse. 

A quickly detachable ammunition box holder is secured to the LH side of the cradle that accepts NATO standard ammunition boxes for 7.62mm, .50in and 40mm. 

An armoured hatch, with water resistant seals is mounted to the rear of the weapon station. The lockable hatch features an emergency facility that allows the hatch lock to be over-ridden from within the vehicle. 

Where possible the weapon station is manufactured from stainless steel to maximize corrosion resistance.

A selection of weapon systems can be fitted to the weapon station via the integrated ‘A’ frame. These include:

  • 0.50in M2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) using a dedicated soft-mount,
  • 7.62 MAG 58 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) using an adaptor.
  • Mk 19 40mm Grenade Launcher can be fitted directly to the cradle assembly. 


Technical Specification

Pt No:10444
Frontal Protection Level:N/A
Weapon Fit:5.56mm
Elevation:34 degrees (M2 50 cal) Wpn dependant
Depression:10 degrees (M2 50 cal) Wpn dependant
Traverse:360 degrees manual drive or free traverse
Weight:Protected weapon station: 145 kg (less weapon/ ammunition)
Dimensions:Swept radius: 1.750 m (to M2 50 cal muzzle)
Height: 45 cm (to M2 50 cal top cover)
Width: 950 cm
Overall length: 2.33 m (rear of ring to front of mount)
Vehicle / Boat Interface:Roof / frame aperture dia - 875mm nominal