The Universal Gun Mount (UGM) is currently utilised on both land and sea based platforms where it is attached directly to a traversing ring of the parent vehicle or to a re-enforced hard point on the side of a vessel.

The UGM is capable of accepting the following range of weapons together with their dedicated soft mounts:

  •                 Light Machine Gun, 5.56mm, L110A2
  •                 Machine Gun, 7.62mm, L7A2 (GPMG)
  •                 Twin Mount (2 x L7A2 GPMG)
  •                 Machine Gun, 0.50in, L111A1. QCB
  •                 Grenade Machine Gun, 40mm, L134A1

In addition to these weapons, the UGM can be readily fitted with an adaptor to allow mounting of anti-armour weapons and 20mm cannon.

The UGM is designed to provide a solid, backlash-free firing platform when clamped; fine adjustment being made by means of a fine control Traverse and Elevation mechanism (T&E). This provides exceptional single shot accuracy coupled with the ability to rapidly engage or track targets.

The UGM is modular, permitting the attachment of a variety of fitting kits and ancillaries; from frontal armour to folding interface equipment.

Technical Specification

Pt No:3285
Weapon Fit:7.62mm L7A2 GPMG
5.56mm L110A2 LMG
0.50in MG QCB L111A1
40mm GMG L134A1
Elevation:30 degrees nominal *See Note 1
(T&E Set to Max Height)
Depression:25 degrees nominal *See Note 1
(T&E Set to Max Height)
MPI Movement in Elevation and Traverse:250mm (10in) at 500m
(For 1 Click of T&E Mechanism Hand-Wheels)
Traverse:65 degrees either side of centre line. Total: 130 degrees


*Note 1. The maximum elevation and depression detailed above is the limit of the UGM control arm imposed by the quadrant in the elevation brake plates. In practice, the maximum elevation and depression will be less than quoted, dependant on the type of weapon and soft mount fitted. The depression of the weapon may well be limited by the barrel of the weapon or its soft mount coming into contact with features such as a front ballistic shield or the vehicle superstructure. Further limitations include the practicable ability of the gunner being able to view the target area through the sights.